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Rob Gronkowski teases NFL return after ‘The Masked Singer’ reveal

Rob Gronkowski was unveiled as the White Tiger during Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Masked Singer,” and the retired superstar tight end seemingly teased a potential NFL return while engaging in banter with one of the show’s hosts.

The FOX singing competition has been a surprising runaway hit, and its popularity stems in large part to when the stars behind the garish getups are revealed. That was again the case Wednesday when the White Tiger mask was removed off Gronkowski’s head after some torquing and twisting was needed to pry it off his sizable dome.

Gronk himself shared video of the big reveal while hailing his performance as the White Tiger as “Absolutely Too Sexy.”

Host Jenny McCarthy then asked Gronkowski whether fans will see his moves “back in the locker room soon.” Gronk playfully replied, “You never know.”

Despite his evasive response, coming out of retirement has been all but ruled out for Gronkowski — a notion gleaned by statements he has made himself, not to mention observations from someone close to him with inside knowledge.

That being said, the charismatic star has relished every opportunity to fuel speculation by declining to definitively close the door on coming out of retirement. That doesn’t mean it’s happening, though.

Gronk’s segment from Wednesday’s “The Masked Singer” follows, with his comments seemingly teasing a potential, albeit unlikely, return to the NFL beginning at around the 1:48 mark.