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LeBron James teases breakdown of career’s ‘most memorable’ moments

LeBron James has been a welcome presence on social media amid the league’s ongoing hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, the Los Angeles Lakers superstar apparently has some plans in the works that surely would be of great interest to NBA fans craving any kind of basketball-related content.

James took to Twitter this week to tease the possibility that he will do a personal breakdown of the “most memorable games and moments” from his iconic NBA career.

While James did hedge his bets a bit by hinting that any potential Instagram Live breakdowns could be held onto “for another time,” there is no question such an endeavor would be greatly appreciated by fans with the entire sports world ground to a complete halt.

Should James go through with personally curating a career highlight reel, is there any question that the following outstanding play would be among those selected?

James’ social media activities as he self-isolates during the COVID-19 outbreak have at times been a whimsical distraction, but it also merits noting that James has also been performing inspiring deeds as well during the NBA’s ongoing and indefinite hiatus. The same can be said about one of his former teammates as well.

Whether LeBron goes through with his career breakdown or not remains to be seen. Perhaps the fact that the Lakers star recently had one of his NBA downtime wishes granted might possibly inspire him to do as much for his fans.