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Tuukka Rask reacts to foul-smelling shade from Bruins teammates

Boston Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask was the butt of some recent joking by his teammates due to his apparent habit of unleashing noxious flatulence upon them in close quarters.

In a Zoom chat between Bruins players John Tavares, Brady Tkachuk, Dylan Larkin and Zdeno Chara shared on Twitter, the latter indicated Rask would be the last teammate with whom he would want to be under quarantine in light of his aforementioned unpleasant bodily function.

Rask just caught wind of the unflattering reveal about his evidently odorous ways, and the Bruins netminder attempted to put it all in perspective in light of how retirement rumors have been dogging him of late as well.

“I’m not on social media every day. So I missed it, but then somebody texted me about it,” Rask said on “The Greg Hill Show” during an appearance Tuesday. “A week ago it was about me retiring now it’s about me farting and my farts smelling. I can’t stay away from the news, I guess.”

In the grand scheme of things — especially in light of these uncertain and trying times — the fact that Rask’s teammates divulged such embarrassing information about him is hardly the biggest deal in the world.

What’s more, such a humorous story certainly is a welcome distraction with the sports world at a complete standstill. Odds are Rask is okay with giving NHL fans a chuckle or two over the story.