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Steph Curry admits to being ‘overwhelmed’ by driveway hoop assembly

Stephen Curry is attempting to do whatever he can to remain in some semblance of basketball-playing shape while in self-isolation amid the NBA’s hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In order to do so, the Golden State Warriors superstar recently attempted to assemble a hoop in his driveway. Unfortunately for Curry, it sounds like he was left completely flummoxed by the project.

Curry recently detailed his home project travails after receiving an unassembled hoop in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. It turns out it required five hours and some “pretty serious effort” for Curry to finish the job.

“I got overwhelmed looking at the manual,” Curry admitted of the task. “I was very confident in myself going in. That was shot down pretty quick.”

In the end, Curry managed to complete the project and now feels just like a youngster again practicing his jumpers in the outdoors.

“I feel like a little 12-year-old kid out there running around, simulating game shots in my driveway,” Curry said.

After overcoming his assembly ordeal, Curry intends to tackle another challenge, one that presumably will be far less challenging than erecting the hoop: Chalking out a three-point line.

“That’s my next step,” Curry said. “That’s this week’s project.”

NBA fans have no choice but to rely upon these kind of stories about their favorite stars to get through the league’s hiatus, not to mention the rest of the sports world being at a complete standstill.

What’s more, the notion that Curry encountered struggles with a project just like anyone else must be somewhat gratifying to those who have experienced similar levels of frustration when tackling similar home tasks.