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Pelicans’ Josh Hart ‘not very optimistic’ about imminent return to season

The NBA continues to explore every available option amid its ongoing and indefinite hiatus regarding if and when the 2019-20 season could conceivably resume. The way New Orleans Pelicans guard Josh Hart sees it, any imminent return is extremely unlikely, if not impossible.

“I’m not very optimistic about the season starting any time in the next two, three, four months,” Hart told Marc Stein of The New York Times. “It’s just too hard. Unless they were somehow able to build a huge hotel and an arena and put a bubble over it in some random place somewhere, that’s my only guess how to actually finish the season in the next several months. You really do have to create a bubble.”

Hart also made note of how NBA players are incapable of getting sufficient work in given all team facilities are closed, not to mention gyms, health clubs, etc.

“When you’re not even getting shots up, it’s definitely going to take a long time for guys to get back, not only physically into playing shape but also mentally,” Hart said.

There is no question that there are myriad obstacles, logistical issues and potential pitfalls associated with any possible resumption of the season. Most importantly, the NBA will have no choice but to abide by ongoing and potentially evolving governmental directives, edicts and advisories.

With the COVID-19 outbreak impacting different regions and states at differing rates of transmission, some NBA teams would arguably hold a distinct advantage over other teams in terms of preparation and other variables.

Still, the NBA understandably is holding out hope that the currently suspended season can resume at some point. No option apparently will be ruled out at this point in light of some of the more unconventional contingency plans currently being floated.

In other words, anything is possible at this point.