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Bruins players reveal unpleasant detail about Tuukka Rask

With the sports world at a complete standstill, fans are seeking out any possible information and/or updates about their favorite players and teams to help fill the void.

Backers of the Boston Bruins and NHL fans in general, however, might ultimately regret how such pursuits led to learning a rather unpleasant detail about being stuck in close quarters with superstar goaltender Tuukka Rask.

With many NHL fans under stay-at-home orders to help limit the spread of COVID-19, Bruins players shared a video chat on social media in which they weighed in on which teammate they would not want to spend time with under quarantine.

Bruins star Zdeno Chara immediately offered up Rask, whose penchant for noxiously offensive flatulence would make the netminder a horrible quarantine partner.

“I have to say Tuukka Rask. The way he farts? The smell is awful,” Chara said. “He likes his chicken wings. And after the chicken wings, I’ve had to sit behind him on the bus. I’ve got to tell you, I’ve got to control myself sometimes.”  

Bruins right winger David Pastrnak went on to echo Chara’s sentiment. That said, Pastrnak insisted he would have no issue with being Rask’s quarantine bunkmate.

“His farts are pretty bad, but I think I could overcome it,” Pastrnak said. “I would definitely not skate through the crease more than once at practice.” 

There you have it. Now we know that Rask suffers from horrible gas. Well, to put it more accurately, Rask’s teammates are known to suffer as a consequence of his horrible gas.