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Russell Wilson wants Seahawks to go retro with throwback unis

Russell Wilson wants the Seattle Seahawks to go retro and bring back an iteration of their classic uniforms, even if such a change won’t be possible until at least the 2021 NFL season.

The superstar Seahawks signal-caller took to Twitter on Wednesday night to state his case, which he made much more compelling by sharing a Photoshop of himself donning the team’s uniform from yesteryear.

The Seahawks gear in which Wilson depicted himself in the tweet appears to be from the organization’s 1980s/1990s-era uniforms, as laid out by UniWatch. The team made the big switch to its modern-looking unis beginning in 2002.

While Wilson’s social media dispatch had Seahawks fans clamoring for a return to the team’s storied uniform past, such a move will not come this coming season.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians recently expressed an interest in the organization’s iconic Creamsicle throwbacks amid a broader discussion about the team’s upcoming new jersey unveiling. Arians hinted that it would have to wait until 2021 due to the NFL’s current one-helmet rule for its teams.

The league subsequently issued a statement that there are no changes planned to the aforementioned rule, but “no decisions have been made” regarding a possible easing of the rule in 2021.

With that in mind, Wilson’s desire to rock the old-school Seahawks uniforms will have to wait. That doesn’t mean it’s not a novel concept, however. What’s more, it’s something every NFL team should consider if the league clears the way for throwback helmets.