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Eric Dickerson awkwardly doubles down on criticism of new Rams logo

Rams legend Eric Dickerson has made it abundantly clear that when it comes to the team’s new logo, he’s more than not a fan. In fact, it appears that he downright hates it.

The Hall of Fame running back has now doubled down on his initial criticism of the logo by making a blunt and awkwardly unflattering comparison.

Dickerson, who incidentally is the Rams’ vice president of business development, originally articulated his unhappiness with the new logo after its official unveiling on Monday.

Taking to Twitter, Dickerson panned the logo and indicated he’d be reaching out to higher-ups in the Rams organization to convey his thoughts.

Addressing the controversy spawned by his comments in an interview with Arash Markazi of the Los Angeles Times, Dickerson delivered the aforementioned risqué remark.

“Someone said it looks like a penis; it did,” Dickerson said. “That says it all right there. That should be enough for the Rams to say we messed up. We’re going to keep what we got.”

Dickerson went on to disparage the Rams’ alternate logo, which he argues would be better suited for Los Angeles’ other NFL team, the Chargers.

“The one that says L.A.—that looks like a Chargers logo,” he said. “If you told me that was a Chargers logo, I’d say OK, that ain’t bad. … The [Rams] fans hate it. They just don’t like it. The fans are the ones who are going to wear it. The people in the office, they wear it, but they don’t buy it.”

Dickerson isn’t the only person who has been taken an aggressive stance against the new logo. Rams fan Robert Silva has launched a petition on that pleads with CEO Kevin Demoff to return to the drawing board.

As of Thursday afternoon, the petition has garnered 7,700 signatures.