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Anthony Rizzo pens essay on missing Opening Day, dealing with ‘strange time’

Major League Baseball remains at a standstill due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The fact that Opening Day will not go on as scheduled Thursday has really driven home for baseball fans the sobering reality of how COVID-19 has produced disconcerting uncertainty across the globe.

In light of Opening Day’s delay being an example of the countless disappointments and disruptions caused by the pandemic — albeit understandable ones in the interest of public safety — Chicago Cubs star Anthony Rizzo penned a compelling essay in which he explores how we find ourselves living in a surreally “strange time.”

What’s more, Rizzo writes that “all of us are going to be missing baseball more and more” as the MLB hiatus drags on.

“It’s going to be really strange missing Opening Day. There’s nothing like Opening Day at Wrigley Field,” Rizzo writes, as shared by ESPN. “That should have been next week. It’s a strange time not to be at the park with my teammates and the fans. We all miss it, but we’re hopeful there will still be one. We just have to wait and stay healthy right now. I hope that for everyone.

What’s most important amid these unsettling and unprecedented times, Rizzo believes, is to somehow maintain contact with our friends, family and loved ones regardless of how complex doing so is at this point.

“The more all of us can stay connected to others, the better we all are,” Rizzo writes. “Whether you are a professional athlete or a fan, just trying to stay positive right now, it is so important to keep moving any way you can.”

Rizzo’s thought-provoking exercise obviously should not be limited by viewing it through the lens of how MLB has been so severely impacted by the pandemic. In a broader way, Rizzo’s thoughts on staying connected and doing our collective best to get through these strange and frightening times by sticking together goes far beyond the world of baseball.