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Pats superfan Katie Nolan cops to saying ‘Eff Tom Brady’ amid Bucs signing

ESPN personality Katie Nolan has long worn her New England Patriots fandom on her sleeve, and the news that Tom Brady was signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers left her doing something she previous thought was unthinkable.

During an appearance this week on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable,” Nolan admitted to cussing out Brady.

“Today was the first day in my life I ever said the phrase…‘Eff Tom Brady.’ I said it out loud,” Nolan said about her reaction to listening to Brady’s introductory conference call on Tuesday, as transcribed by the New York Post. “I was listening to the press conference, the conference call, and I said ‘F–k you.’ And then I was like, ‘Oh my god that’s Tom Brady.’”

Nolan’s mortified admission came during the show’s panel discussion between Dan Le Batard, Mina Kimes and Nolan regarding how Terry Bradshaw argued that “ego” got in the way and compelled Brady to leave the only team he’s ever known after two decades and six Super Bowl victories.

“Of course it’s ego,” Nolan said. “Everything everybody does has a little bit of ego in it. Dan, you call it being human, most people would call that kind of your ego. Whatever. I’m at the point now, I’m mad at Tom Brady. Can we talk about that? I’m upset.”

Patriots fandom presumably has been split into camps concerning Brady’s stunning departure: Those who harbor little ill will toward the legend for wanting to enter the next chapter of his career elsewhere, those who will never forgive Brady for leaving and those feeling terribly conflicted about the entire situation.

Amid the fallout of Brady’s departure — which included the Patriots bidding a fond farewell this past week — the question of loyalty has been brought up. It’s unclear what were the prevailing factors that led to Brady’s decision to move on, but what’s done is done, and it’s a shocking development that has left Patriots superfans like Nolan reeling.