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Rob Gronkowski’s brother reacts to Bucs rumors about retired tight end

Rob Gronkowski continues to be hounded by speculation surrounding him potentially coming out of retirement some day despite not playing last season, and the latest round of rumors are about how he may want to join pal Tom Brady on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Chris Gronkowski, the retired tight end’s brother, just doesn’t see it happening.

“I can’t say anything for him,” Chris Gronkowski said this week in an interview with TMZ Sports. “But, I think that he might be moving on … I would be surprised for sure.”

What’s more, Chris believes Gronk’s recent signing with the WWE — a role that will include hosting a scaled-back two-night WrestleMania event on April 4 and 5 — has for all intents and purposes closed out his brother’s Hall of Fame NFL career.

“Man, it looks like it after this deal,” Chris said. “But, I’m not him, so I have no idea what he’s thinking. But, as of right now, it looks like a pretty cool position that he’s in.”

Chatter regarding Gronk’s potential NFL return was ramped up amid Brady’s stunning departure from the New England Patriots last week, as any hint that some development or another could change the superstar tight end’s perspective on resuming his NFL career always spawns renewed speculation.

Chris pointed out there are some connections between his brother and Tampa, but he remains skeptical about anything developing on that front. This belief is specifically reinforced by what Gronkowski has said about the incredible toll his NFL career took on his body.

“Rob’s had a house in Tampa before, so he is familiar with the territory,” Chris said. “But man, he left for a reason. It’s an absolute grind and it doesn’t matter how good he feels today, it’s just one hit away from being right back to where you were before.”

While coming out of retirement has been all but ruled out for Gronkowski, the charismatic star has relished every opportunity to keep the speculation going by declining to definitively rule out a return to the NFL. That doesn’t mean it’s happening, though.