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Astros’ Josh Reddick fires back at Twitter troll with World Series ring pic

Houston Astros outfielder Josh Reddick attempted to zing a Twitter troll by sharing a photo of his World Series ring from 2017, but the case can be made that his retort only reinforced how the team’s sign-stealing scandal egregiously contributed to the ill-gotten championship.

The social media shade at Reddick’s expense was spawned by his tweets Monday bemoaning his experience at Walmart amid the coronavirus pandemic. This elicited a sarcastic response in which Reddick is referred to as a “cheater.” The Astros star elected to react by tweeting out the aforementioned pic of his World Series ring.

Reddick was unsurprisingly savaged in comments reacting to his arguably ill-advised attempt at snark. It stands to reason that he potentially did not think things completely through before issuing his response.

Then again, Reddick was among the more outspoken Astros players as the organization completely bungled its initial attempts at damage control at the onset of spring training. The star was downright defiant in the face of the overwhelming backlash, saying the Astros are eager to “go out there and win and shut everybody up.”

With Major League Baseball currently shut down amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the noise surrounding the Astros’ cheating scandal has understandably quieted down a bit. With his questionable stab at shutting down a Twitter troll, Reddick perhaps unwittingly provided fodder for disgruntled MLB fans to restart their hating on the Astros.