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Pats fan leaves ‘Drop Dead Kraft’ sign outside TB12 facility in Boston

New England Patriots fans are understandably dejected over the news that after 20 dynastic seasons with the organization and six Super Bowl victories, Tom Brady will be moving on to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. One clearly devastated Pats fan, though, might be having more trouble than most coming to terms that the Brady era is over.

A makeshift memorial, as it were, began taking shape out of Brady’s TB12 facility in downtown Boston. While one sign expressed gratitude to Brady with the message, “Thank You Tommy,” another one posted on the storefront bore a much starker message in which the blame for the departure of the quarterback was laid at the feet of Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

The sign in question read, “Drop Dead Kraft.”

Interestingly, Brady’s TB12 outpost near Gillette Stadium lacked any signs related to Brady’s departure.

Both Kraft and Bill Belichick issued heartfelt statements of gratitude to Brady for his immeasurable contributions to the Patriots organization over the past two decades. Kraft, while also stating he loved Brady like a son, interestingly claimed in the wake of Brady’s stunning announcement Tuesday that the quarterback wanted to leave and that the Patriots would have made it work somehow had he wanted to stay.

“If he wanted to be here, we would have put a deal together,’’ Kraft told The Boston Globe after he met with Brady on Monday. “That’s what I thought was happening last night.’’

There was also word that the Patriots didn’t necessarily make the most productive of offers to Brady, which hardly comes as a surprise given the notoriously unsentimental manner in which Belichick typically handles these kind of situations.

In fact, speculation had it that Belichick actually wanted Brady to move on, if only to see the quarterback fail without him.

Regardless of who deserves the most blame for Brady starting the next chapter of his career with the Bucs, it’s clear there is no shortage of hurt feelings in New England over the sudden end to the Pats’ dynastic era.