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Tom Brady reacts to Julian Edelman’s farewell, Patriots pay tribute to QB

Tom Brady dropped a bombshell on Tuesday morning by announcing on social media that his “football journey will take place elsewhere” and that he won’t be re-signing with the New England Patriots.

Brady’s announcement of course elicited emotional and respectful reactions from the leaders of the Patriots organization by way of heartfelt statements issued by head coach Bill Belichick and owner Robert Kraft.

To no surprise given their friendship off the field and longstanding relationship on it — not to mention an amusing back-and-forth on social media in recent weeks — Julian Edelman has also shared his feelings on the monumental news.

Brady, as he is wont to do in response to Edelman’s social media dispatches, reacted to the tribute from his longtime Patriots teammate, passing along the message, “Love you Jules.”

The Patriots have gone to great lengths in the wake of Brady’s announcement to convey overreaching gratitude to the quarterback for his two-decade tenure with the team, a run that included six Super Bowl victories. As part of their tributes to the three-time MVP, the Patriots have been active on social media to tout Brady’s contributions to the team’s dynastic run.

It merits noting that Kraft has indicated that while he respects Brady’s decision, the Patriots would have somehow made it work if the quarterback wanted to remain with the organization.

While that notion is arguably a matter of some debate given the Patriots’ reported actions behind the scenes in recent weeks, the fact that Brady is moving on from the team is without question one of the most significant player departures in NFL history.

With that in the rear-view mirror, though, all that’s left unsettled is where Brady lands next. Given how he’s predictably playing things close to the vest at this point, odds are no one will know for certain until Brady himself elects to let the world know.