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NBA commissioner Adam Silver pens letter to ‘best fans in sports’

NBA commissioner Adam Silver spent Thursday addressing how the league has suspended its season amid the coronavirus pandemic and laying out how things may proceed from here.

Along with relaying the logistics of such an unprecedented stoppage, Silver also penned a letter to the league’s fans, whom he hailed as the “best” in all of sports.

As sports leagues have shut down worldwide to limit the risk of widespread transmission of COVID-19, the NBA temporarily suspended its season after Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday.

On Thursday, it was learned that fellow Jazz star Donovan Mitchell was also diagnosed with the coronavirus, though he was the only other Utah player to test positive.

It’s of course uncertain how things will shake out for the NBA and whether the season will resume or be canceled. Silver addressed the hiatus during an interview with Ernie Johnson on TNT and relayed that the league will be shut down for “at least 30 days.”

However, the commissioner did acknowledge that “it’s possible” that the season could be canceled.

Silver also addressed how the league may proceed should the season resume, including how the Finals and postseason may play out.

The situation in the NBA, as is the case with the NHL, MLB, MLS, etc., remains incredibly fluid, so any stated plan or course of action obviously could change in an instant. While such uncertainty is understandably frustrating, preserving the ability to evaluate all potential contingencies is arguably the best approach.