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Longtime fan Jerry Seinfeld has no interest in becoming Mets owner

Jerry Seinfeld has been a lifelong fan of the New York Mets, and the legendary comic would prefer for his connection to the Queens-based MLB club to remain at that level.

The Mets’ ownership situation has been in flux ever since billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Cohen abruptly pulled out on a deal that would have made him majority owner of the franchise.

The wheels quickly fell off Cohen’s pursuit of the Mets over a handful of issues and disagreements with the Wilpon family. Cohen was believed to be interested in immediately taking control of the Mets franchise after offering $2.6 billion for an 80% stake in the club, among other demands, but the Wilpons balked, leaving the ownership situation completely unsettled.

It goes without saying that Seinfeld’s vast wealth — he’s believed to have a net worth of around $950 million — means he certainly has the financial wherewithal to head up a potential ownership group. Still, the iconic 65-year-old comedian is perfectly content remaining a devoted fan of the Amazin’s and not having that experience complicated in any way, shape or form.

“No! The highest level of sports appreciation, particularly baseball, is a hotdog, a beer and a seat,” Seinfeld said when asked by TMZ Sports if he had any interest in buying the Mets. “There’s nothing higher. That’s the pinnacle … People think that owning the team is more fun, it’s actually LESS fun.”

Interestingly, Seinfeld is not the first high-profile celebrity to be floated as a potential owner of the Mets, although in the other instance that A-lister actually expressed legitimate interest in making a run at buying the team.