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Tom Brady shares provocative take on coronavirus pandemic

Tom Brady has shared what some will characterize as an arguably controversial take on the coronavirus pandemic while weighing in on the developing situation via social media.

The sports world has been thrown into chaos amid the news that the World Health Organization declared on Wednesday that the novel coronavirus outbreak is now considered a pandemic.

Amid the onrush of news and developments related to the declaration, both within the sports world and beyond, Brady posted an Instagram story in which he compared the current pandemic to other ongoing global health issues.

In an Instagram story labeled “PERSPECTIVE,” Brady lays out how things like cancer, heart disease, suicide and diabetes, among other diseases, health issues and the like, continue to claim thousands upon thousands of lives on a daily basis, far more than even the worst day so far since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Brady even shares how mosquitoes (2,740), humans (1,300) and snakes (137) claim an alarming number of lives across the world every day.

“Take a deep breath, and wash your hands,” Brady closes out his provocative dispatch.

The statistics shared by Brady, while certainly lending some semblance of perspective as he suggested, might be regarded by some people as a glib, flippant response to the pandemic, one that perhaps irresponsibly underplays the grave nature of the current situation.

Others, however, will view Brady’s comments as a much-needed dose of reality amid what some have argued is an overwhelming amount of unnecessary hysteria.

With the NBA suspending its season, the NCAA deciding to restrict attendance at games during March Madness and Major League Baseball and the NHL still grappling with how to handle the pandemic, it remains unclear how the NFL intends to approach the evolving global health crisis.