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Bryce Harper spoofs ’80s toy commercial with Phillie Phanatic doll

Bryce Harper and the Phillie Phanatic have forged a strong bond since the slugger signed with the Philadelphia Phillies ahead of last season. In celebration of the duo’s mascot friendship, an iconic toy commercial from the 1980s has been recreated starring the superstar slugger and a Phillie Phanatic doll.

Those of a certain age likely recall the “My Buddy” doll, if not due to the desire to get one’s grubby hands on the popular toy than because of the ear-worm of a theme song from the commercial that was played ad nauseam during after-school cartoons.

And here’s the new version, which instead of featuring the original “My Buddy” ditty, has a reworked tune titled “My Phillie … Phanatic.”

Suffice to say, Harper giddily playing with a Phillie Phanatic doll is simply precious. Well, as precious as watching a grown adult engaging in such silly antics can be. But hey, Harper is all about the Phanatic.

High marks all around on this amusing spoof endeavor, although it merits noting that the Phillies used an old-school representation of the Phillie Phanatic, not the updated iteration unveiled recently that has become a source of contention — not to mention ongoing legal issues — between the MLB team and the mascot’s creator.

In any event, the only thing left for the Phillies to do on this front is to recreate the Harper-starring recreation, only with the Phanatic taking on the slugger’s role while playing with a Harper doll. That would take things full circle. Or something.