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Watch: Chris Paul defuses run-in with ‘privileged’ young fan

Chris Paul had a confrontation with a young fan during Sunday’s showdown with the Boston Celtics at TD Garden, but the Oklahoma City Thunder star ultimately turned the situation into a teachable moment.

The incident occurred during a break in the action in the Thunder’s 105-104 win when Paul strolled over to the heckling fan, who was seated courtside. According to Abby Chin of NBC Sports Boston, Paul took issue with something the young man said, reportedly calling him “privileged.”

Paul later returned to where the fan was seated and defused the situation with a handshake and some words of advice for the fan.

Unruly fan behavior has unfortunately developed into a serious issue in the NBA over the past few seasons. Some high-profile incidents involving run-ins between some of the league’s biggest stars and misbehaving fans have illustrated how the proximity between the seats and the court fosters an environment conducive to these kind of regrettable confrontations.

Players obviously bear some of the responsibility whenever these kind of incidents occur, but fans who clearly cross the line deserve as much, if not more, of the blame.

Specifically speaking to the incident between Paul and this young fan on Sunday, the Thunder star deserves credit for not only maintaining his composure but also for interacting later with the fan in question in a calm and possibly productive manner.