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Mike Vrabel addresses viral FaceTime chat with Tom Brady

Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel has downplayed any significance behind his recent FaceTime chat with Tom Brady, video of which went viral and led to speculation about the veteran quarterback’s free-agency future.

Brady and Julian Edelman enjoyed a virtual face-to-face talk with Vrabel while the two stars — along with Jimmy Fallon — attended a college basketball game between Syracuse and North Carolina last Saturday.

It obviously came as no surprise that the below footage whipped the NFL world into a frenzy.

Appearing Friday on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football,” Vrabel addressed how he has become ensnared in the Brady free-agency hysteria. Perhaps predictably, Vrabel cited how he and Brady were New England Patriots teammates from 2001-2008 and won a few Super Bowls during their time together.

 “My relationship goes back to 2001 with Tom Brady — training camp in Rhode Island, at Parente’s we’d go to practice and bunch of us would go out to the bar at Parente’s after practice and that’s where a lot of those friendships were made,” Vrabel said, per Kevin Petra of Those friendships aren’t just going to stop or not continue to grow and develop now that I’m a head coach and he’s a quarterback with and expiring contract. Those are going to continue on well after we’re done playing with his family, with my family and having the ability to meet Jules and all those players — there’s a special bond that goes on in the locker room and that’s not going to stop.”

What Vrabel stated about his longtime friendship with Brady is indeed accurate, and footage of the two engaging in witty repartee during a joint Patriots-Titans during training camp last August demonstrates the two still enjoy a collegial relationship after all these years.

That being said, the optics of the scene — given Brady’s impending free agency and the belief the Titans may be among the teams interested in signing the veteran signal-caller — to no surprise led to widespread speculation that there was more to the FaceTime interaction than two old friends catching up.

In other words, like all things Brady-related amid the buildup to the Patriots superstar hitting free agency for the first time in two-decade NFL career, the case can be made that his chat with Vrabel might have been blown way out of proportion. On the other hand, perhaps not.