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Kevin Durant left Thunder over team’s social media policies?

Kevin Durant became something of a villain to certain segments of NBA fans back in 2016 due to his desire to “chase a ring,” as it’s put, by signing with the Golden State Warriors.

Could it be that his monumental decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder was based upon something as seemingly benign as the team’s apparently draconian social media policies?

Former Thunder teammate Kendrick Perkins is inclined to think so.

“He left Oklahoma City because he got tired of basically not being able to be himself, because of team’s uptight view of social media,” Perkins said, per Howard Beck of Bleacher Report.

Durant of course is an incredibly outspoken presence on social media. The Brooklyn Nets star, who can be notoriously thin-skinned at times, has been involved in several incidents where he gets into debates with random fans on Twitter over seemingly innocuous issues.

And let’s not forget about Durant’s infamous burner accounts that caused all kinds of controversy for him a few years back.

Coincidentally enough, Perkins, who has remained relatively friendly with Durant, feuded with his former teammate on Twitter in January, a tense exchange that culminated with Perkins delivering an absolutely savage blow.

When asked about their Twitter tiff, Perkins quipped, “Do I have to talk about Kevin Durant? I mean, I’m trying to put our relationship back together!”

Perkins isn’t the only NBA player with whom Durant has battled it out on social media with a war of words, nor is he likely the last.

In other words, if the Thunder did indeed have a strict and stringent social media policy, it makes sense that Durant would find such an environment suffocating. What’s more, it goes without saying that Durant continues to take full advantage of his current freedom on social media.