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Ben Affleck reveals when he realized he ‘loved’ Tom Brady

Boston sports superfan Ben Affleck has on repeated occasions bragged about how he enjoys a real-life bromance with longtime pal Tom Brady, and the actor was back at it again Tuesday during an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Affleck is making the media rounds on a press junket to promote his new film, “The Way Back.” Given his friendship with Brady amid the longtime New England Patriots quarterback’s impending free agency, Affleck was asked about the situation during his interview with Kimmel.

Affleck revealed to the host how and when he came to realize that he “loved” Brady. It turns out it all started back when the Patriots’ dynasty was still in its infancy.

“I met Tom, not to brag, the year that he replaced Drew Bledsoe, and I was actually at this random — this is when I thought things like this were fun — the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, and I went to a party, and I saw him, and they had just won the Super Bowl [in 2002], whatever and he was like 22 and I was 27, so I was older than him, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, man, so great to meet you, like you’re the king of Boston,’ and he goes, ‘No way, you’re the king of Boston,’” Affleck said, per the New York Post.

He continued in a high-pitch squeal, “The king thinks I’m the king,” before dialing it down an octave, “I realized then that I loved him.”

Along with that interesting anecdote, Affleck added that “there’s not a lot I wouldn’t do for Tommy” and that there is a shrine to Brady and the Patriots on his eight-year-old son’s bedroom wall.

Anyone wondering whether Affleck being buddies with Brady has afforded him inside knowledge regarding the NFL legend’s uncertain future, however, think again. Just recently, Affleck revealed he reached out to Brady via text to get the scoop and came up empty-handed.

Affleck will presumably always be friends Brady, though, and that seemingly won’t change even if the quarterback leaves the Patriots. Sure, Affleck will be left heartbroken, but the love will somehow endure.