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Kris Bryant floats fine system to keep Cubs players accountable

Kris Bryant floated the idea of instituting a fine system as a motivational tool to keep Chicago Cubs players focused on reversing course following a frustrating and disappointing 2019 campaign that ultimately led to the departure of Joe Maddon.

It appears that the assessment of fines has been the talk of spring training at the Cubs’ facilities this month, and Bryant recently laid why it would benefit players.

“I think it would be something smart to do,” Bryant said of a fine system that they haven’t had in his five years – but that has been common in baseball for as long as players have been paid, via the Chicago Sun-Times.

“Hold us accountable,” he said. “Obviously, you’d like to just throw the phrase out there [and have it happen]. But when you actually attach something to it, it’s a whole ‘nother level. I think we should totally do that.”

Fines arguably would be a great motivational tool — as Cubs teammate Anthony Rizzo stated, “Money talks” — and Bryant said “it’s all about effort.”

Bryant also interestingly pointed out how the Cubs have spent the past two years “talking and saying all these things that we need to change,” which seemingly could be interpreted as a shot at the departed Maddon, whose casual approach to running the day-to-day operations made him the quintessential players’ coach.

Bryant instead insisted the onus is on the players to perform and has nothing to do with the manager, coaching staff or front office.

“We need to learn from past mistakes, grow up a little; we all have the talent for it,” Bryant said. “Just focus a little better, try a little harder. …

“I don’t think we should rely on our manager or the front office telling us to do something. We’re all professionals.”

With former Cubs star David Ross stepping in for Maddon and an organization seemingly committed to returning to the postseason in 2020 after a one-year layoff after four consecutive appearances, perhaps Bryant and his teammates are right that now is the perfect time to try something new. Fines might just do the trick.