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Giancarlo Stanton ‘wasn’t surprised’ when latest injury occurred

Giancarlo Stanton has experienced yet another injury that could be considered of the tedious variety, but it is nevertheless one that could leave him unavailable for Opening Day.

Given how these kind of nagging injuries plagued the New York Yankees slugger a frustrating number of times last season, it’s hardly surprising Stanton seemed at a loss and dejected in the clubhouse at Steinbrenner Field on Friday over this latest setback.

“I mean, it makes it seem that I don’t take care of myself,” Stanton said quietly, per the New York Post. “which makes it that much more frustrating.”

Stanton was taking part in outfield drills on Tuesday when “a little re-direction” caused him to feel something off in his lower right leg. It was ultimately diagnosed in an MRI as a Grade 1 calf strain, which calls into question whether Stanton will be available for the Yankees’ showdown with the Baltimore Orioles on March 26.

Stanton, when discussing how he felt when felt the tweak in in his calf, admitted he “wasn’t surprised.”

These kind of injuries last season — a left biceps strain, a left calf strain and a right knee sprain, not to mention setbacks during recovery — limited Stanton to only 18 regular-season games.

The injury-marred nature of the 2019 season — along with this latest calf issue — has made him a target of critics as well as the team’s fans. After all, the Yankees are on the hook for $244 million through 2027 due to the albatross-like deal Stanton signed with the Miami Marlins. A relatively injury-free and productive 2020 season beyond this spring training injury, however, could help turn the public opinion back in Stanton’s favor.

Setting all that drama aside, all Stanton can do now is hope for the best as it relates to his bum calf and aspire to avoid a repeat of his nightmarish 2019 campaign.

“There’s no word for what I feel, really,” Stanton said. “I need to get back to where I need to be. It all depends on this week and next week and going forward… That’s all I got.”