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Barry Sanders reacts to comically erroneous Garth Brooks scandal

Garth Brooks was erroneously raked over the coals on social media by a certain segment of the Twitterverse due to confusion over his decision to recently don a Barry Sanders jersey.

After watching the country music icon wrongly — not to mention comically — vilified, the Detroit Lions legend has surfaced to react to the ridiculous controversy.

It all started with a dispatch from Brooks on Instagram in which he’s wearing the aforementioned Sanders jersey.

Brooks was merely thanking fans in Detroit in the post — having performed in concert at Ford Field on the night in question — and the Sanders jersey was simply worn in honor of the Lions icon.

This was somehow missed by the social media reactionaries, who instead accused Brooks of endorsing Bernie Sanders, who of course is currently running for president as a Democrat.

The Sanders nameplate on the jersey along with the number 20 — incorrectly interpreted as a reference to 2020 — was all it took for a huge social media meltdown by individuals who clearly aren’t supporters of Sanders’ potential candidacy.

On Friday, Sanders — the former football player, not the politician — capitalized on the absurd situation by delivering a brilliant tweet that was delightfully on point.

Sanders wins the day. Again, the Lions legend, not the Senator from Vermont.