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Yankees’ Brett Gardner granted restraining order against fan

New York Yankees outfielder Brett Gardner has been granted a restraining order against a fan by the Bronx Supreme Court following a hearing on Monday.

The request, filed last week, stems from the alleged harassment by 46-year-old fan Gina Devasahayam, who claims she and Gardner struck up a friendship on social media. She has previously claimed the two are in love and want to start a family together.

Gardner, however, strongly disputes Devasahayam’s depiction of the supposed relationship, arguing that she has “harassed and menaced” him and his family since 2015.

The Yankees veteran did not attend the hearing Monday, but the ruling came down in his favor.

“Bronx Supreme Court Justice Eddie McShan granted Gardner’s request Monday, saying due to ‘the possibility of injury’ and because Devasahayam ‘could be a danger to Gardner and his family,’ he felt compelled to grant the protective order,” according to a New York Post report on the ruling.

Devasahayam disputed the findings when speaking to the New York Post outside the courtroom. She made alarming allegations about Gardner being in a “dead marriage” and that his wife “copies how I dress, she copies my poses.”

“Even though they say I’m delusional, I believe he could see it,” she added.

Devasahayam has until Thursday to provide evidence contrary to the ruling’s findings to prevent the protective order from remaining in effect.