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Jerry Jeudy apologizes for wearing Star of David necklace at combine

Former Alabama Crimson Tide wide receiver Jerry Jeudy raised some eyebrows with his explanation for wearing a Star of David necklace at the NFL Scouting Combine on Tuesday. In light of what he’s presumably been hearing about it, Jeudy has since attempted to make clear no offense was intended.

While speaking to reporters at the combine, during which his Star of David necklace was visible, Jeudy was of course asked about it.

“People call me ‘Jew’ for short,” he explained, per the New York Post. That prompted him to get the Jewish star, which he wore while playing at Alabama.

“I’m not Jewish, though,” he said.

Shortly after his necklace began making headlines, Jeudy took to Twitter to further weigh in on the issue.

The case can be made that the necklace controversy, as it were, is arguably much ado about nothing. However, it’s altogether unsurprising that there are people who would take offense to Jeudy’s decision to wear a symbol so solemnly religious in nature.

Odds are the entire situation will blow over, although it will interesting to see whether Jeudy continues wearing the Star of David necklace or refrain from doing so to avoid potential backlash.