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Mike Clevinger blasts Astros for lack of remorse over scandal

The Houston Astros organization have been condemned as Public Enemy No. 1 in Major League Baseball in the early days of spring training. This has come about not only for the egregiousness of the acts committed during its sign-stealing scheme but also for the team’s arguably appalling lack of remorse over the scandal.

Cleveland Indians pitcher Mike Clevinger zeroed in on the latter recently while weighing in on the backlash to the Astros’ initial handling of the situation. Houston’s so-called apology tour began last week and was mercilessly ridiculed for coming off as insincere, half-hearted and unconvincing.

Clevinger made his feelings known about the Astros’ widely panned efforts to make amends over the sign-stealing scandal during an appearance on Barstool Sports’ “Starting 9” podcast.

“Why would you need a piece of paper to say sorry for being the biggest piece of s–t in baseball history? I don’t understand that, but they did,” Clevinger said. “They needed a piece of paper and read it like a robot. First I’ve ever heard those boys talk about it.

“They just keep on referring to one year when everybody in the right mind knows it was every single year and they just got caught.”

An endless parade of players speaking out against the Astros has been without question the most prevailing storyline of spring training, not to mention the most damning one from Major League Baseball’s perspective.

The fact that MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has also been blasted for some questionable comments while reacting to criticism of league’s handling of the situation has not helped at all, either.

Given the ongoing fallout from the Astros’ botched attempts to turn the page on the scandal — which has seemingly motivated some Astros players to embrace the role of villains amid the controversy — Clevinger will certainly not be the last major leaguer to sound off on the situation.