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HBO confirms Marshawn Lynch has ‘pretty substantial role’ in ‘Westworld’

A teaser for the upcoming Season 3 of the HBO series “Westworld” sent NFL Twitter into a tizzy as it showcased Marshawn Lynch in what appeared to be an appearance in a cameo role.

According to HBO, though, Lynch’s on-screen contributions to the new season of the science fiction series is much more substantial than originally suspected.

Lynch pops up about 55 seconds into the official trailer, titled, ““Westworld Season Three Trailer: Dolores and Maeve Face Off in HBO’s Cryptic Tease.”

The NFL star running back known as Beast Mode is shown walking behind fellow “Westworld” newcomer Aaron Paul wearing a shirt bearing an illuminated “BORED” on it. The words “AMUSED,” “ANGRY,” “SAD” and “EXCITED” are also on Lynch’s shirt.

Lynch, who is currently acting in an uncredited role according to the show’s IMDb page, is not a one-off performer doing a bit cameo role, it appears.

HBO execs obviously couldn’t reveal too much about Lynch’s role, lest the plot also be exposed,” according to an ESPN report, “but a spokesperson for the network said Lynch is expected to have a fun and pretty substantial role’ as he veers from his football persona.

It remains to be seen how integral the character portrayed by Lynch plays into the Season 3 storyline, but for an “actor” who has only seven credits to his name on IMDb– mostly for playing himself in the hit comedy series “The League” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” — landing a part on “Westworld” is a huge steppingstone to a potentially legitimate Hollywood career.

The series’ Season 3 opener will premiere March 15 on HBO.