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Giancarlo Stanton: I’d have hit 80-plus HRs in 2017 if stealing signs like Astros

Giancarlo Stanton made a bold proclamation this week when weighing in on the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal, and it’s all about how a slugger like him could benefit from such ill-begotten inside knowledge.

Stanton joined the chorus of major leaguers who have been weighing in on the Astros’ cheating as spring training gets underway. The majority of the comments unsurprisingly have been extremely vitriolic. Stanton’s sentiments followed that general theme.

Reacting to how the Astros organization compromised the integrity of the game by stealing signs, specifically during the 2017 season on the way to a World Series title, Stanton injected some of his own history from that season into the narrative.

“If I knew what was coming in ‘17, I would have hit 80-plus homers,” Stanton said of his final season with the Miami Marlins when he led all of Major League Baseball with 52 home runs, per Jack Curry of YES Network.

Addressing the Astros scandal more broadly, Stanton echoed New York Yankees teammate Aaron Judge in arguing that Houston should be stripped of their 2017 World Series title.

“If you cheat in another way during the season (PED violation), you can’t even be in the playoffs, so therefore they would be eliminated,” Stanton said, per Bob Nightengale of USA Today. “Pretty much the same difference.”

Back to Stanton’s original point. There’s obviously no way to say whether Stanton would have indeed hit 80-plus homers in 2017 had he been tipped off about what pitches were coming during at-bats, it certainly wouldn’t have hurt.

Along with Stanton’s thoughts, it will be interesting to see who else has something to say about the Astros on Wednesday as the full-blown crisis continues into another day, much to the embarrassment of the league.