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Russell Westbrook: James Harden spends $500K per year on clothes

Russell Westbrook is among the more fashion-forward players in the NBA, but even he apparently cannot match how much cash Houston Rockets teammate James Harden drops per year on clothing.

In a recent profile by Mark Anthony Green of GQ in which the Rockets duo are heralded as the “most stylish duo in sports,” Westbrook dished on Harden’s mind-blowing annual clothes budget.

In Westbrook’s estimation, Harden spends a “minimum” of $500,00 each calendar year.

Harden, however, countered that staggering number by intimating Westbrook is not far behind him when it comes to spending an absurd amount of money on clothes, suggesting his teammate “spends $300K to $350K” himself.

Westbrook has dabbled in the world of fashion throughout his NBA career. He is known not only for having an individualized sense of style (to put it mildly), but also for producing his own fashion lines and accessories. Harden, it merits noting, is no stranger to testing the limits of fashion and style with some of his own apparel choices, either.

The fact that these two teammates conceivably may spend nearly close to $1 million per year on clothing, accessories and whatnot boggles the mind. Then again, it’s not like either Westbrook or Harden are hurting for money.

In other words, let the high-buck shopping sprees commence, Beastbrook and The Beard. That being said, do you know what would be the best accessory to compliment all those stylish duds? An NBA title ring.