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Astros fan files $1 million class action lawsuit against team

A Houston Astros fan has filed a class action lawsuit against the organization on behalf of himself and fellow season-ticket holders.

The suit, filed by Adam Wallach last Friday, seeks damages in excess of $1 million. The filings accuse the Astros of “deceptively overcharging” for season tickets while cheating by stealing opponents’ signs.

Wallach was a season-ticket holder beginning in 2017 — the key season in which the Astros employed sophisticated sign-stealing methods on the way to a World Series victory — through 2020. He adds in his court filings that the Astros put a “deficient product” on the field due to the widespread cheating.

Through the lawsuit,” reports KPRC 2 Houston, “Wallach is looking to recover damages for he calls ‘inappropriate increases in the … season ticket prices, diminished value of their personal seat licenses and an injunction prohibiting (season ticket holders) from raising season ticket prices for at least two years.

The class-action lawsuit is open to all full or partial season ticket holders and accuses the Astros of gross negligence, breach of contract and violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices-Consumer Trade Act, among other things.

The lawsuit, believed to be the first of its kind, argues that season-ticket holders are owed refunds because the Astros knowingly engaged in a wholly deceptive violation of MLB rules. Further, the suit demands that the Astros do not raise season-ticket prices for two years.

The Astros’ cheating scandal unsurprisingly continues to be the talk of Major League Baseball as spring training gets underway amid the fallout of the league’s damning investigation into the organization’s sign-stealing practices.

It is almost certain that things will keep getting uglier for some time as the backlash against the Astros continues. What’s more, while a novel concept, it stands to reason that the class action lawsuit against the under-siege organization is not likely to go anywhere in the long run.

That being said, the filing of a suit of this nature does serve as a sobering reminder that the Astros even alienated many of their own fans with their conduct.