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Dwyane Wade will ‘absolutely not’ join LeBron James on Lakers

Dwyane Wade is settling nicely into retirement after hanging up his sneakers for good after last season, and even the lure of teaming up with a former pal to make a run at another NBA title doesn’t move the needle whatsoever as it relates to staging a comeback.

In what was essentially a question that needn’t be asked, Scottie Pippen asked D-Wade about any possibility of joining LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers as the two chatted on Thursday’s edition of “The Jump” on ESPN. To no surprise, Wade put the complete kibosh on any such notion.

Wade led with an “Oh no!” before expanding upon why there’s no chance he’ll ever return to playing in the NBA.

“Absolutely not,” Wade, 38, continued. “I don’t even look at the game like that no more. … I am a fan of basketball and I just watch it as a fan, I don’t want to play no more, no one wants to see that.”

There was presumably never any real contemplation by Wade regarding whether his retirement would be a short-lived one. The Heat legend and wife Gabrielle Union are deeply committed to making their family the center of their universe, as evidenced by their unconditional and inspiring support of transgender 12-year-old daughter Zaya, as well as three other children.