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L.A. TV station chyron IDs Jose Altuve as ‘Astros Cheater’

The Houston Astros organization has been getting run through the wringer ever since the scope and brazenness of the team’s sign-stealing practices were learned.

The condemnation of the Astros’ transgressions since Major League Baseball released the findings of its investigation into the scandal has been widespread and nearly universal.

It is difficult to imagine, then, but things may get a lot worse for those Astros players involved in the sign-stealing scandal who are still with the team. The initial response to the organization’s disastrous efforts at apologizing for their actions on Thursday were … less than encouraging.

To say that the apology expedition held at the team’s spring training facility in West Palm Beach, Fla. was an unmitigated disaster would be an understatement in light of the vitriolic reaction to comments from the likes of Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa, not to mention owner Jim Crane.

Speaking of Altuve, a television station in Los Angeles labeled the second baseman as “Astros Cheater” in a chyron in footage from his presser.

The damning “Astros Cheater” indictment of Altuve by KTLA is hardly surprising. After all, L.A. is of course the home market of the Dodgers, one of the teams most directly and egregiously impacted by the Astros stealing signs in 2017, as the team lost in the World Series to Houston in seven games.

Altuve’s apology, which has been widely panned, follows.

Thursday was an ugly day for the Astros. Instead of making inroads at making amends for their wrongdoing, it seems like the organization only made matters worse. More damning chyrons are bound to follow.