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Twins’ Marwin Gonzalez ‘remorseful’ over Astros’ cheating scandal

Minnesota Twins utility player Marwin Gonzalez on Tuesday apologized for the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing controversy, saying he’s “remorseful” for his role in the scandal.

Gonzalez spent seven seasons at the MLB level with the Astros organization, including 2017, which was the season in which the team was found guilty of employing technologically sophisticated sign-stealing methods on the way to a World Series championship.

Speaking Tuesday at the Twins’ spring training facility in Fort Myers, Fla., Gonzalez became the first Astros position player to apologize for having any involvement in stealing signs.

“I’m remorseful for everything that happened in 2017,” Gonzalez said, “for everything that we did as a group, and for the players that were affected directly by us doing this … That’s why I feel more regret and that’s why I’m remorseful.”

There are two camps by default in MLB circles when it comes to the ongoing discussion revolving around the Astros’ cheating: those who believe it’s time to move on from it and others who believe the organization should never be forgiven for its transgressions.

That being said, it’s reasonable to expect more Astros players — both current and former members of the 2017 team — to begin weighing in on the sign-stealing scandal with spring training getting underway this week. That means the controversy will continue to get rehashed and reexamined in the weeks ahead.

To face the issue head-on from the onset of camp and take one’s lumps in the process is arguably the most sensible course of action for players tarnished by the scandal. Gonzalez clearly believes this to be the case.