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Fan laid out by parking meter on Patrick Mahomes’ parade pass speaks

One of the most hilarious — and presumably painful — moments from the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl LIV victory parade on Wednesday was when a fan was taken out by a parking meter while attempting to catch a football tossed by Patrick Mahomes.

Chiefs fan LaRue Bell became an instant social media celebrity, as video of the incident quickly went viral. Deservedly so, one could argue, as the footage is indeed fantastic, except perhaps from LaRue’s perspective.

“I hit it pretty hard,” Bell told The Kansas City Star this week in a phone interview. “I took a professional NFL hit for that ball. That was my Super Bowl.”

Bell could not believe how footage of his embarrassing experience — which has surpassed four million views — became such a hit. So much so, in fact, that even Mahomes himself reacted to the video on Twitter.

Making matters worse for Bell was how the run-in with the parking meter that left him flat on his back denied him the opportunity of securing such a one-of-a-kind souvenir, as some other parade-goer scooped up the football.

Bell was left relatively uninjured in the incident, and added that the only thing people around him did — except for his 11-year-old daughter — was “point and laugh.” Bell ultimately found humor in the experience and his newfound 15 minute of fame as well.

“It hurt, but the laughs took over everything,” Bell said. “I feel a little better than yesterday. That pole was not forgiving at all.”