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Patrick Mahomes tweets brilliant line about possible parade hangover

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs really whooped it up Wednesday during the team’s Super Bowl parade, and deservedly so.

The consumption of adult beverages throughout the day’s festivities of course played an outsized and customary role in the revelry, as Chiefs players were spotted tipping back beers and other alcoholic beverages on the parade route and then afterward as well.

If anyone is worried that Mahomes is paying the price for his partying with a Super Bowl-sized hangover on Thursday morning, think again. The Super Bowl LIV MVP took to Twitter to allay any fears that he’s suffering at all the day after the parade, citing his experiences in college to explain how he’s no worse for wear.

Mahomes was spotted during Wednesday’s parade pounding a beer that was tossed to him by a Chiefs fan.

That wasn’t the only beer downed by Mahomes during Wednesday’s festivities, of course.

It’s nice to know that Mahomes isn’t feeling too many unfortunate after-effects from all the parade revelry, although it’s safe to say there are a few Chiefs fans who have navigated a hangover or two while continuing to bask in the afterglow of Sunday’s monumental victory.