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Stephen Curry, Ja Morant make peace in Iguodala spat with DMs

Stephen Curry and Ja Morant were at odds over the ongoing stalemate between Andre Iguodala and the Memphis Grizzlies, but it sounds like any beef that existed between the two has been settled.

It turns out that Morant and Curry exchanged direct messages in the wake of the supposed feud and things are now all good between the two point guards, as relayed Wednesday by the Grizzlies rookie.

Iguodala has yet to play for the Grizzlies this season after the team acquired him in a salary-dump move by the Warriors. The veteran has since indicated he has no intention of playing for the Grizzlies this season, and the team has no intentions of buying him out.

All that being said, a trade ahead of Thursday’s league deadline obviously is the only potential mutually satisfying conclusion to the impasse.

Amid the buildup to the trade deadline and Igoudala’s refusal to change his stance — which he has defended amid criticism this week — a handful of Grizzlies players publicly expressed their dissatisfaction with the standoff.

After Grizzlies guard Dillon Brooks indicated the team cannot wait for Iguodala to get traded, Morant backed up his teammate on Twitter.

In the aftermath of the events in the past few days, things seemingly got a bit unpleasant between Morant and Curry on social media.

It merits noting that Morant defended himself over his shade of Curry, pointing to how he’s always admired the Warriors superstar.

It’s understandable how Curry and Morant had opposing views on the Iguodala situation given the two were coming from distinctly different perspectives. Most importantly, though, the two have made peace.