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Julian Edelman breaks out ‘Say Anything’ meme again over Tom Brady

Tom Brady’s return to the New England Patriots next season is far from certain — in fact, far from it, according to widespread speculation — and Julian Edelman is doing everything he can to convince his longtime teammate to “come back.”

Edelman is no stranger to social media chicanery, and the Patriots wide receiver dipped back into his bag of tricks Tuesday to get his message across about wanting to keep Brady in the fold in New England.

In a comically Photoshopped image, Edelman riffed on an oft-used meme from the 1989 classic Cameron Crowe film “Say Anything.” Placing his head atop the body of Lloyd Dobler — as portrayed by John Cusack — from an iconic scene in the movie where he begsĀ Ione Skye’s Diane Court to stay with him after high school graduation and not travel abroad.

Yep, it’s the iconic boombox scene.

The song in the movie is of course “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel. Edelman instead references the 1977 classic, “Baby Come Back” by Player in his tweet.

Edelman previously posted this very same take on the “Say Anything” meme last week amid the firestorm spawned by a cryptic Instagram post from Brady, which incidentally was nothing more than a teaser for his Super Bowl ad and not a hint at an ongoing uncertain future that has led to unbound and unchecked speculation, conjecture and scrutiny.

It also merits noting that Edelman posted the tweet at 12:12 ET, and odds are there was a method to his madness given the time’s double mention of Brady’s jersey number.