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Hall of Fame voter behind Derek Jeter snub to keep ballot private

The Hall of Fame voter who snubbed Derek Jeter by denying the New York Yankees legend from being unanimously elected into Cooperstown will keep their controversial ballot private, according to an ESPN report.

Jeter appeared on the ballots of 396 of 397 Hall voters, with the lone dissenter being the individual who will remain anonymous.

The realization that the person behind the Jeter snub will not be identified arrived Tuesday when the The Baseball Writers’ Association of America¬†released the ballots of 315 Hall voters. The ballots released all included Jeter.

The percentage of ballots released publicly this year (79.1%) is almost the exactly the same as last year (79.5%).

Interestingly enough, the BWAA decided years ago that all ballots should be made public. However, the Hall’s Board of Directors overruled that BWAA decision in 2011, and voters now have an option concerning whether or not their ballot is released, a policy that has been in effect since 2012.

There of course has been an overabundance of gnashing of teeth, wringing of hands and widespread indignation over Jeter being deprived the honor of being a unanimous entrant into the Hall of Fame. Jeter’s longtime Yankees teammate, Mariano Rivera, remains the only player ever to be unanimously voted into the Hall, an esteemed distinction the iconic closer earned last year.

The rules are the rules, however, and the individual behind the controversial ballot will be able to enjoy the benefits of anonymity provided by the Hall’s board and thereby avoid unending condemnation, mock and ridicule.