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Joe Montana doubles down on opinion about Tom Brady’s future

Joe Montana learned the hard way about the pitfalls and drawbacks of switching teams late into an incredibly successful NFL career.

Armed with that knowledge, the legendary quarterback has now doubled down on his recently stated opinion that it would be a mistake for Tom Brady to leave the New England Patriots.

Montana, one of Brady’s childhood idols, said during a recent appearance on “CBS Sports HQ” that while he hasn’t spoken with the six-time Super Bowl winner, he would advise Brady of the risks involved with such a huge career move.

“Mentally, you have to take a different approach,” Montana said of changing teams after spending an entire lengthy career with only one organization. “At his age and with what he’s accomplished, I would try to do everything I could to try and keep my home base, if he could. There might be more to it — I have no idea — but that’s just from my experience and what I did. And I think if you talk to other guys who’ve moved around, like Brett Favre, you’ll probably get the same type of answer. 

“… Mentally, it changes you.”

Montana of course famously left the San Francisco 49ers after 13 seasons and four Super Bowl wins to spend two seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs. The shockwaves sent throughout the NFL would be similar to what occurred back in 1993 should Brady part ways with the Patriots.

Actually, the argument could be made that Brady leaving the Patriots would be the most stunning player-team split in NFL history.

Montana — along with another NFL quarterback legend — simply believes the risk-reward is far too great and regret for Brady is the most likely end result.

All that being said, Brady’s uncertain future has been among the biggest storylines in the NFL in recent weeks, even amid the white-hot spotlight of the playoffs and the buildup to Super Bowl LIV. Rightfully so, perhaps.

Given the gravity of the situation and with that in mind, any news item about Brady, innocuous or otherwise, will be endlessly scrutinized, regardless of its potential validity.