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Report: Carmelo Anthony sitting out Blazers-Lakers game for ‘personal reasons’

Portland Trail Blazers star Carmelo Anthony is not expected to play in Friday’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers for what is being reported as “personal reasons.”

According to Jamie Goldberg of The Oregonian, Anthony has yet to be officially declared out, but personal reasons were cited to explain why he is currently not with the the team and not expected to play Friday.

It’s not difficult to connect the dots as to why Anthony would not suit up for the game. Kobe Bryant was a longtime friend, and it’s not surprising that Anthony is having difficulty coming to grips with the NBA legend’s tragic death — along with eight others, including Kobe’s 13-year-old daughter Gianna — in a helicopter crash last Sunday.

The fact that Friday’s game is against the Lakers at Staples Center in what certainly will be an incredibly emotional scene only adds to the reasons why Anthony may prefer to miss the game.

“You just don’t know how you’re going to respond to that,” Anthony said of facing the Lakers on Friday, per The Oregonian. “You don’t know what triggers what. I don’t think grieving has a time.”

Anthony also shared his thoughts on Bryant’s passing in an emotional, heartbreaking Instagram post earlier this week.

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Damn Bro!! I hate when I have so much to say, but I can’t put any of it into words. The times I have the most to say are the times that I can’t talk. I’m screaming inside but I can’t be heard. YOU don’t know how hard it is to try to pretend to smile when I have these clouds of emotions. YOU just called me and told me you were coming to the game Friday and that you were proud of me and “regardless of anything, stay true to myself and STAYME7O” We were just laughing about how hard YOU was working GiGi and her teammates and I told YOU they need a day off This pain is almost unbearable Champ! Why you bro? Why GiGi? Why leave Vanessa with this Sadness and Pain. WHY? This will never make sense to me. I know I’m not suppose to question GODs Will. I know GOD doesn’t make mistakes. It just seems like It always rains the hardest on those who deserve the sun. There are moments in life when there’s simply NO words to describe the pain within. This is one of them. YOU will continue to be Loved. YOU will be missed. YOU will forever be remembered. YOUR legacy will live on FOREVER. OUR FRIENDSHIP will never be forgotten. I know YOU will be near, Even if I don’t see YOU. PEACE KING!!! “There Are No Goodbyes. Where Ever You’ll be, You’ll be in Our Hearts” All Praise Due #STAYME7O

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Every person grieves in a different way, and Anthony should not be criticized for sitting out Friday’s game. Doing so just might be too painful for him as he mourns the loss of his dear friend.