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Andrew Luck ‘enjoying life’ in retirement, father says

Andrew Luck’s sudden retirement just before the start of the 2019 NFL season was one of the more stunning such announcements in league history.

Despite early speculation that the former Indianapolis Colts quarterback may get the itch to play again, ongoing evidence about how Luck continues to enjoy retirement all but puts the brakes on any such notion.

The latest revelation concerning how well the 30-year-old retiree’s post-career life is going comes from his father, Oliver Luck. In Miami ahead of Super Bowl LIV, he intimated on Radio Row this week that it’s unlikely his son has any designs on returning to the NFL anytime soon or ever.

“He’s having a great time; he’s enjoying life,” Oliver Luck said. “He’s healthy, he’s very happy. He and [wife] Nicole have a new baby, Lucy Luck, and he’s a great dad, as I expected him to be. He still lives in Indianapolis and still has strong feelings for the city and for the organization.”

These most recent comments by Oliver Luck regarding his son’s post-NFL life only reinforce what he had to say about the situation earlier this month. It stands to reason that there’s virtually no chance Luck will make a surprising return to professional football at this point.

Luck was deservedly considered among the top quarterbacks in the game — and one of the better-compensated signal-callers in the league — when he shockingly announced his retirement on Aug. 24 at age 29.

A run of injuries that led to unrelenting bouts with surgery and/or grueling rehab, however, unfortunately took its toll on Luck and led him to call it quits at such a young age.