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Teen’s petition to move Super Bowl to Saturday picking up steam

Frankie Ruggeri presumably never envisioned that his petition to move the Super Bowl to Saturday would generate so much attention, but with NFL fans continuing to flock to his page, the 16-year-old has practically spawned a full-fledged movement.

As of early Friday afternoon, Ruggeri’s petition has garnered over 34,000 signatures. With people continuing to add their names to the ever-expanding list at a rapid rate, the young NFL fan will have no choice but to up the ante.

Ruggeri, who lives in New York and counts himself a fan of both the Buffalo Bills and Los Angeles Rams, argues having the Super Bowl on Saturday would only increase interest in the annual sports spectacle for myriad reasons.

It turns out the kind of drive that inspired Ruggeri to launch a petition is simply a huge part of the youngster’s dogged mentality.

“He has a lot of passion in his heart,” his dad, Frank Ruggeri, told CNN. “When he gets on one thing, he really sticks with it.”

Ruggeri’s case for Super Bowl Saturdays is bolstered by the findings from a 2019 Workforce Institute survey that indicates more than 17 million U.S. workers planned to skip work the Monday following Super Bowl LIII.

The Ruggeri family will indeed be watching on Feb. 2 when the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs square off in Super Bowl LIV in Miami. Even though neither of his favorite NFL teams are in the big game, the response to his petition has provided Ruggeri with a fantastic consolation prize.

“Oh my gosh,” Ruggeri said. “It’s like if the Rams won the Super Bowl pretty much.”