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Michael Jordan on LeBron James comparisons: ‘We play in different eras’

Michael Jordan was recently asked about how comparisons are often made between himself and LeBron James, and the NBA legend roundly rejected the notion that players from different eras can ever be fairly or accurately measured up against one another.

The Charlotte Hornets owner, presently in France for the team’s showdown with the Milwaukee Bucks for the 2020 NBA Paris Game, spoke to the futility inherent in these kind of exercises.

James once suggested he’s chasing the “ghost” of MJ, and the Lakers star was unsurprisingly flattered when was congratulated by His Airness after passing his idol on the NBA’s all-time scoring list last season. Still, James’ pursuit of his apparition will continue, as he still trails Jordan by three championships and one MVP award.

As far as comparing players from different eras is concerned, however, Jordan is absolutely correct. Such discussions and debates are purely subjective.

Pitting players from different eras obviously is nothing more than a trivial, academic exercise. No definitive conclusion can ever be reached due to the respective eras’ differing styles of play, different rules, the list goes on and on.

That said, the practice of comparing athletes in this manner will undoubtedly continue, as such deliberations always foster spirited debates, albeit ones where no true winner can arguably ever be declared.