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Brett Favre sees some of his gunslinging ways in Patrick Mahomes

The term “gunslinger” came to define Brett Favre’s aggressive, unorthodox and free-wheeling approach to playing the quarterback position during his Hall of Fame career.

In perhaps the highest compliment he could pay Patrick Mahomes, Favre admits he sees some of those same traits in the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

Discussing the showdown between Mahomes and San Francisco 49ers signal-caller Jimmy Garoppolo in Super Bowl LIV during his weekly appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Favre laid out how he and Mahomes are practically kindred quarterbacking spirits.

“I see the comparison,’’ Favre said about Mahomes, as transcribed by the Chicago Sun-Times. “He may not admit this but he probably feels there is no throw he can’t make or no angle he can’t make it from. Whether he’s flushed left or to the right, his vision always is down the field. I was always looking for the big play first and knew I could always react underneath if I needed, too.

“You have to have a certain confidence or air about you that you can make any throw, and it has been proven he can make any throw. I always felt like, yeah.’’

Favre’s gunslinging ways obviously served him well, although it could drive his coaches crazy and occasionally resulted in questionable decision-making. That’s where the distinction between Mahomes and Garoppolo lies, Favre said, alluding to how the “impressive” 49ers quarterback “knows his limitations” and “knows what he’s capable of doing and does it exceptionally well.”

Mahomes, on the other hand, has revolutionized the quarterback position at the NFL level over the past two seasons. The Chiefs superstar is capable of making mind-boggling throws that perhaps no other quarterback in the league would dare to even attempt, let alone be so successful while doing so.

In other words, the gunslinging mentality that Favre believes Mahomes exhibits, while risky at times, bears a risk-reward proposition that’s often worth taking. This is even more true when it’s being done by someone with Mahomes’ arguably unparalleled skill set.