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Rob Gronkowski reacts to endless Tom Brady speculation

There has been no shortage of rampant speculation related to Tom Brady’s uncertain future and whether or not he’ll return to the New England Patriots for a 21st season.

It of course makes absolute sense that the NFL world is fascinated by the evolving storyline. Will Brady take advantage of the opportunity to test the waters in free agency for the first time in his career in March or not? What other factors are coming into play amid Brady’s deliberations? Where do the Patriots stand on the Brady conundrum? So many questions, potential scenarios and possible endgames.

Still, the sheer volume of conjecture and differing narratives — given the lack of substantive, concrete evidence indicating anything one way or another — only further muddies the waters and leads to more questions than answers. That’s at least how Rob Gronkowski views the Brady-Patriots situation from afar.

“I mean, that’s a lot of speculation out there that I don’t even — I sometimes read it and I’m like, ‘Dang, this is crazy how much speculation goes out there,'” Gronkowski said during an appearance this week on “Open Invitation” on Sportsnet. “I would say that’s probably all what it is, too. It’s just all speculation and all that type of stuff. He’s been with New England for 19 years now, so, who knows. It would be weird to a lot of people I would say. I don’t know, man. I can’t foresee the future.”

Despite Gronkowski erroneously stating Brady has been with the Patriots for 19 years, not 20, the retired tight end is arguably spot on in his assessment of the ongoing situation.

The fact that Gronk — whose long partnership with Brady and career-long tenure with the Patriots presumably lends him a much more informed perspective — also stresses he cannot predict the future also merits noting. Brady is the only person who ultimately knows what will come next, and it’s a distinct possibility that even he hasn’t decided what he’s going to do next.