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SpongeBob shirt worn by Larry Walker amid Hall nod in high demand

Larry Walker made a fantastic fashion impression Tuesday by wearing a SpongeBob SquarePants shirt while making the media rounds in the wake of his election into the Hall of Fame. So much so, in fact, that major online outlets are selling out of the hilarious article of clothing.

Matt Schubert of The Denver Post reports that the SpongeBob shirt is unavailable for purchase as of Wednesday morning on Walmart’s online store, among others.

To be fair, just taking one look at Walker rocking the … stylish “Ain’t No Ordinary Sponge” shirt certainly justifies the rampant interest and inordinate demand.

It is a reasonable to believe that Walker had little confidence in getting voted in this year after being passed over in Hall of Fame voting nine previous times. To be welcomed to Cooperstown on his 10th and final try must have been a shock. With that in mind, it’s likely Walker did not expect to be in such high demand on Tuesday. Hence, the SpongeBob shirt.

On the other hand, given Walker’s reputation as being something of an oddball — his nickname is “Booger,” after all — perhaps he specifically selected the SpongeBob shirt just in case he was called to the Hall.

That would make it a much better — and arguably more fitting — reason behind Walker’s outrageously amusing attire.

“Walker is not only the best hitter ever to wear a Rockies uniform, he might also be a bigger goofball than SpongeBob,” Mark Kiszla of The Denver Post wrote.