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LaVar Ball promises big things for Big Baller Brand, including cartoon

It seems like it’s been awhile, but LaVar Ball has surfaced yet again. Back in the relative spotlight this week, the enigmatic figurehead of the Ball basketball empire used the moment to tout how big things are in store for the family’s controversial and seemingly struggling company, Big Baller Brand.

During an appearance on “TMZ Roundtable” this week, Ball — father to NBA’s Lonzo, top NBA draft prospect LaMelo as well as LiAngelo — promised how 2020 would be a huge year in Big Baller Brand’s return to relevance.

Among the new endeavors for the company, Ball claims, are of course new sneakers. However, the most eyebrow-raising things to come this year are water, custom tires, rims and an … animated series?

“The goal for Big Baller Brand for 2020, 2020 is the new vision for the Big Baller Brand. We just gonna grow. We gonna grow a little bit at a time, man,” Ball said, as transcribed by Bleacher Report. “… In April, I got water coming out. Big Baller Brand water. It’ll be in 2,500 stores. Two months after that, I got rims and tires coming out.

“I got a lot of entities that’s going on, and I’m talking with some guys — this’ll be another thing that might knock ya in the head: might have a cartoon coming out. Woo boy, that cartoon gonna be amazing.”

To say Big Baller Brand had to navigate an extremely tumultuous past few years would be an understatement. Infighting amongst its core investors, lawsuitsincluding one filed against the company by Lonzo Ball amid a contentious split with the brand — were all interpreted as indisputable evidence that the failing Big Baller Brand was headed for an unceremonious downfall.

With plans for branded water, rims, a cartoon and goodness knows what else the elder Ball is cooking up, perhaps word of Big Baller Brand’s demise was premature. Then again, with the outspoken, outrageous and occasionally self-defeating Ball running the show, anything could happen with Big Baller Brand over the next year or so.