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Conor McGregor, Donald Trump exchange pleasantries on Twitter

Conor McGregor and Donald Trump engaged in a mutual admiration society on social media this week, with the former starting things off by suggesting the latter might be the greatest president in the history of the United States.

McGregor, coming off a successful return to the Octagon on Saturday night in a 40-second TKO of Donald Cerrone at UFC 246, took to Twitter to react to a Trump tweet, where the Irishman highlighted Trump’s note of how Monday marked Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the U.S.

Interestingly, McGregor’s endorsement of Trump stands in stark contrast to what he had to say in 2015 in response to the then-Republican presidential candidate’s takedown of Ronda Rousey. But that was years ago and the outspoken McGregor is know for being an enigmatic, mercurial individual subject to changing his opinion on a whim.

All that aside, as he is wont to do, Trump surfaced on Twitter to highlight praise sent his way, McGregor’s glowing endorsement of him on this occasion.

Trump has been an extremely polarizing presence in the sports world throughout his presidency, and that notion was illustrated when he attended UFC 244 in November at Madison Square Garden. Trump’s presence elicited mixed reactions from fans in attendance, with both cheers and boos emanating from the crowd.

McGregor of course is a controversial figure as well in the sports world, and his bigger-than-life presence has eclipsed the UFC. With that in mind, the fact that McGregor and Trump hold one another in high regard hardly comes as a surprise.